Ipswich Security Analysis & Penetration Testing

Prevention is always better than cure

At its simplest, a Penetration Test is the process of actively evaluating your Ipswich business' information security measures. The emphasis is on 'active' assessment - your business information systems will be thoroughly tested to find any potential security issues and threats.

The results of the assessment will then be documented in a report, which should be presented at a debriefing session, where questions can be answered and corrective strategies can be freely discussed.

Why conduct a Ipswich Penetration Test?

From a business perspective, Penetration Testing helps safeguard your organisation against failure, through:

  • Preventing financial loss through fraud (hackers, extortionists and disgruntled employees) or through lost revenue due to unreliable business systems and processes.
  • Proving due diligence and compliance to your industry regulators, customers and shareholders. Non-compliance can result in your organisation losing business, receiving heavy fines, gathering bad PR or ultimately failing.
  • Protecting your Ipswich company by avoiding loss of consumer confidence and business reputation.
  • From an operational perspective, penetration testing helps shape information security strategy through identifying vulnerabilities and quantifying their impact and likelihood so that they can be managed proactively. This then enables budgets to be allocated and corrective measures implemented as soon as possible to remove the threats.

What can be tested?

The way organisation captures stores and processes information can be assessed; the systems that the information is stored in, the transmission channels that transport it and the processes and personnel that manage it. Examples of areas that are commonly tested are:

  • Off-the-shelf products (operating systems, applications, databases, networking equipment etc.)
  • Bespoke development (dynamic websites, in-house applications etc.)
  • Telephony (war-dialing, remote access etc.)
  • Wireless (WIFI, Bluetooth, IR, GSM, RFID etc.)
  • Personnel (screening process, social engineering etc.)
  • Physical (access controls, dumpster diving etc.)

If you would like to know find out how Internet Concepts Ipswich Penetration Testing and Security Analysis can assist and grow your Ipswich business, please contact us by either phone on 0800 279 5462 or Click here to send an enquiry.

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